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Iceland is often called the “Land of Fire and Ice” because of the fact that this tiny Scandinavian country contains both active volcanos and permanent glaciers. In fact, when most people think about Iceland they are more apt to conjure up visions of great vikings than images of chocolate. After all, aren’t Belgium or Switzerland where the world’s best chocolate originates? Well if you ask the good folks at Omnom Chocolate of Iceland you would soon realize that one of the most delicious cacao delicacies in the world is actually made in the city of Reykjavík.

Welcome to the sweet product of Omnom Chocolate, graciously available at MEATBAR.


Passionate about what they refer to as “bean-to-bar” chocolate creations, Omnom was founded by friends and business partners Kjartan Gíslason and Óskar Þórðarson. These small-batch chocolate bars are produced using only the finest cacao beans sourced from specific regions of the globe.

What this duo of artisan food aficionados found is that the proper blend of single origin cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, and natural Icelantic milk powder pack one heck of a flavor punch. And blending different textures and flavors into these incredibly refined treats has taken Omnom to the next level of bliss for your tastebuds.


At MEATBAR, you’re welcome to explore such diverse flavors as Mr. Carrot’s Mango Passion Milk Chocolate Almonds, Superchocoberrybarley Nibblynuttylicious, and Milk Chocolate Omnom Krunch. For those who prefer to tread lightly into this new era of rich & delicious sensation, familiar flavors like Cookies + Cream, Sea Salted Almonds, and Spiced White + Caramel might feel more approachable. But no matter which of these you begin with, chances are good that you’ll be back for more.

One of the reasons we here at MEATBAR Steamboat are so attracted to this brand is how Omnom approaches their business from an environmental aspect. The ingredients used in each bar of Omnom Chocolate is individually sourced using direct trade. This ensures that every supplier is treated fairly and that their farms are managed sustainably. And for Omnom, sustainability starts with traceability. This direct path to purchase ensures that each of their suppliers adhere to the highest levels of social and environmental responsibility.


The bulk of Omnom’s cacao originates from the perfectly positioned climates of Madagascar, Tanzania, and Nicaragua. These are the places where the weather and soil is best suited to grow the most amazing beans and where entire villages depend on buyers such as Omnom to keep their economy strong. The cane sugar used in Omnom products comes from Brazil, sourced in cooperation with the Native Green Cane Project.

This organization has been working to reverse deforestation which is the biggest negative impact of most sugar cane production, and to increase biodiversity in the Sao Paulo region. Beyond that, it just so happens that Iceland’s unique ecosystem is rich in volcanic soil, marshes, ashes, and endemic plants that can be creatively crafted into the ingredients of Omnom Chocolate. Their unique mixtures round out the complex flavor profiles you’ll experience with these blissful bars.


Another aspect of Omnom’s succulent sweets that attracted us to carry their offerings is the never shortcutted method they use in the refinement. You can learn more about their entire chocolate making process here.

So whether you opt for the traditional mix of sea salt and caramel, prefer dark Tanzanian chocolate, or choose to adventure into the world of chocolate spiced with lakkis (Icelandic word for licorice), you can bet your tummy will thank you. You might however consider purchasing two bars because once you’ve tried these incredibly smooth treats you’re going to crave more.


Laura The Butcher

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